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Stand Out By Focusing Your Offering

What do you offer? Is it clear, simple, and compelling? If your business offers lots of services it can make it difficult for a person to know if you’re good at any of them. Additionally if what you offer is loosely defined it makes it hard to stand out to the right people.

Are you clear on who your target client is and what specific problem you solve? Do you make it clear what they will get as a result of working with you? Are you making it easy for them to choose you by standing out?

It’s so easy to think we should offer more to more people so someone will choose us. But the reality is that it only makes it harder for someone to choose you. People are busy and there is a lot of noise out there. You’re just more noise if you don’t have a clear focused offering.

Your offering should be designed for one specific type of client for whom you solve one specific problem. That’s easy to type out or say but it’s another thing to actually do it. It’s not easy to implement. It’s something that will likely require multiple revisions. Each time you work on it you’ll get it more focused.

Just as the power of the sun can be focused into a beam that will ignite a fire what you offer can be so focused that it ignites interest for the right people.


Here is an example from a life coaching website. Are the words focused? Would they cause someone to have some idea of what they would get if they hired this person?

Coaching For Everyday Life
I help you attain wisdom and clarity so you have the greatest power of all, CHOICE

Nothing focused there folks. Let’s try another one.

Life Coaching for New Single Moms
We offer coaching for moms who have recently become single that provides support and tools so the fear of parenting alone melts away.

Now there is some focus. It gives the reader a sense of what they are going to get. It makes it easy for a person to choose if this offering is for them. There is also a clearly defined problem being solved for a specific type of client.

Let’s look at a couple more examples that are focused on solving one problem for a specific client.

Before we go further though let me state that you know your business and your unique situation. So simply take what could be helpful for your business and use it. If you don’t think it’s relevant to your situation then skip it or find a portion that might be helpful and apply it.

The bottom line it’s your business and you know it better than I do. I’m here to offer an opportunity to examine different areas of your business and encourage you to look for ways to keep improving your business.

Now not every business is going to want to get as focused as the coaching example above. So here are a couple more examples that aren’t as focused yet they are more focused than unfocused.

Everything You Need To Build A More Successful Consulting Firm

This speaks to a consultant who wants to improve their business. That is a focus and the text that follows will help a person decide if this business is the right one to help them. This is dealing with the thought, “I’d like my consulting firm to become more successful and I’d like to get that help from one place to keep it simple.”

Okay, on to our next example.

Learn How To Write Like You Speak And Sell Like Hell

To offer a little context this example is promoting a copywriting course and consulting on the topic. So if you are feeling the need for help with copywriting and you want to write more like you speak with the goal of selling more than this is focused on you. It’s dealing with the thought, “I’m not writing like I speak nor selling as much as I’d like.”

Wrapping Up

The idea is to focus what you offer on solving one problem for one person. That one person should be your ideal client. What words can you use to help them understand that you offer what they’re after? Incorporate this focus into all your marketing and see what happens.

Now it’s your turn to focus your offering. Remember you’re not trying to do it perfectly, what is that anyway, you can make micro changes that improve your business consistently. Again the goal is to improve the business for your ideal clients. The right people for you. The people who you love to help and can do your best work for.

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