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2 Questions to Help Ensure You’re Solving Real Client Problems

I hope you know helping your clients solve their problems is critical. It’s what makes you valuable. And when you do it in your own unique way it allows you to become distinct. By being distinct it makes it easier for your ideal clients to choose you.

As you develop solutions to solve your clients’ problems or to enhance existing solutions there are two questions you should ask.

2 Questions

  1. What problem does this solve?
  2. What existing solution will this amplify?

For those questions to be effective the existing solution or problem needs to truly address the problem that your potential clients are thinking about and experiencing.

It’s so easy to assume that we know the answer to our potential clients’ problems. But it can be a lack of clarity on our part that makes it difficult to attract clients.

In order to really help your clients, you need to really understand their reality. What do they want, need, desire, fear or want to avoid?

Take the time to listen to your clients and your potential clients. This will help you clarify what you offer by using words that connect with your potential clients.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that we’re actually helping people. People do business with people. Remember people are emotional beings. Use emotional language to help connect with the emotions they are experiencing. Then show them the solution.


Bottom line, remember your helping people, people with real problems who often are desperately seeking the right solution. Your job is to align yourself to be the right solution for the right people at the right time.

Photo Credit: It’s not all about you. It’s about remembering your clients are people with feelings who need help. Thanks, Nik Shuliahin.

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