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Can You Describe Your Ideal Client and Why it Matters

If you don’t know what you’re looking for how will you find it? Can you describe your ideal client? Are most of your clients your ideal client?

Finding more of your ideal clients can have a very positive impact on your business.

My Ideal Client

Let me start by describing my ideal client to give you an example. If you haven’t clarified what your ideal client is like then maybe this will give you some ideas.

My ideal client knows that they are in business to care for others. They’re passionate about caring for their employees if they have them. They’re passionate about caring for their clients. They understand that fulfillment comes from investing time and energy in serving others.

An ideal client knows where their expertise lies and where it doesn’t. They’re happy to hire an expert so they can focus on what they do best. They’re also passionate about learning and improving so they can add more value to their clients.

Ideal Clients

What is so important about knowing who your ideal clients are? Your business will be better positioned to thrive the more you work with your ideal type of client. When you’re working with your ideal client you’ll have less stress, you’ll enjoy working with them, they’ll enjoy working with you, they’re more likely to refer you, and they’re less likely to complain about your prices.

How to Attract Ideal Clients

What does it take to attract more of your ideal clients? You need to be real. You need to be authentic. That means you need to honestly express who you are, why you do it and who you serve. You share your beliefs and values. Then ensure that everything you’re doing is a reflection of those beliefs and values. If you have employee’s you ensure that they share your values and beliefs so they can reflect them to your clients. Your ideal clients will hold common beliefs and values. When a client holds similar beliefs and values it opens the door for the development of trust. Trust can then lead to the development of loyal clients.

Loyal Clients

Loyal clients are the ones that don’t leave because someone else is simply offering a lower price. They won’t abandon you when you make a mistake because they know you and they trust you. They know you’ll fix it, so they stay.

Imagine what having a core group of loyal clients could mean to you. Would that help your business thrive?

Wrapping Up

However, if you struggle to describe your ideal client you’ll struggle to develop loyal clients. Your business will benefit when you’re marketing material communicates in a way that attracts your ideal clients. But it starts with being able to describe your ideal client.

If you believe that working with more of your ideal clients could help your business thrive I encourage you to get clear on who your ideal clients are.

Photo Credit – Working with your ideal clients can put a smile on your face. Thanks, Amy Hirschi

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

I love helping business owners who are passionate about making a positive difference in their clients' lives. I'm a passionate learner and teacher. My purpose is to help people live a more fulfilled life. In my professional life, I love helping business owners get clear on their purpose and identity. Then I help them clearly communicate their story so they can attract their ideal clients. I do this because I believe that when you work with your ideal clients you'll live a more fulfilled life.

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