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How This Gas Station Gets It

Pulling into the gas station I was meet with a different feel. The attendants were dressed in white shirts, pants, and hats. It felt more like a bygone era.

A Different Experience

The guy that approached me was chipper and friendly. As he handed my card back he said, “here you go Trevor.” Yes, he read it off my card but he did it. This time getting gas was a different experience. Then he struck up a short conversation as he washed my front and rear windows.

As he finished up he thanked me and wished me a great day. I actually felt like he cared. It didn’t feel like a script. It felt real.

All it took was a few differences but when added together the experience of buying gas was unique. Their price for gas is higher but they are getting lots of business. Why? Because they are adding value.

Wrapping Up

What can you do to be different, to stand out from the crowd? What can you do to add value in your own unique way?

Photo Credit: Even the essentials can be made interesting with some ingenuity. Thanks, Marc Rentschler.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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