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Using Words To Stand Out

The other day I was clipping a tag off a new teal-colored shirt for my daughter and noticed the following words.

“It is natural for the special dyes used in this fabric to fade into beautiful, softer shades with wear. Please wash separately before wearing to prevent color transfer.”

Now the tag could have read more like the following.

The colors in this garment can transfer color. Wash separately before wearing to avoid color transfer.

Instead, someone took the time to write a thoughtful message. Notice the use of some keywords. They used the word special when referring to the dyes. They used the words, “fade into beautiful, softer shades.” They used the word natural when referring to the process of fading.

The wording on this tag shows you that by intentionally crafting a message it can convey a completely different feeling as you read it. Even though I realized what they were doing I couldn’t shake the feeling those words sparked. The wording made this tag stick out. It caught my attention.

Words are a powerful way to keep communicating your brand, creating opportunities for people to think and feel certain ways because they came in contact with your business.

Often we just pick words that are familiar or other companies in our industry use. It takes a little extra effort to use words that communicate our brand. But that extra time in choosing words is what will help your brand stand out to the right people. It will help them choose you.

Here are a couple of other companies that have used words to help them stand out and better reflect their brand.


The airline JetBlue offers another interesting way that words can be used to create a different feeling. If you’ve traveled on any airline enough times you’ll have the opportunity to visit a customer service desk for help. Instead of calling is customer service JetBlue put up signs that say Just Ask.

This is another example of how wording can offer subtle clues regarding the brand. It conveys a great sense of interest in helping and it says we’re different from other airlines.

Marine Layer

They’re all about creating clothing that is so comfortable that it feels like your old favorite from day one. They stand behind the quality of clothing they create and offer a 365-day guarantee on most things. The wording is as follows:

“ We stand by our stuff. So you can return pretty much anything up to 365 days.”

Those words signal something about their brand and they were chosen intentionally. The word stuff conveys a causal tone. If you browse their website you’ll see that it is causal and the tone fits their brand perfectly.

Your Turn

How could you improve your client’s experience with your brand by enhancing the words you use?

Are the words you’re using reflecting your brand the way you’d like them too?

You could improve the words on proposals, business cards, signage, FAQ’s, about page, or contracts. You know your business and your clients. You know how you’d like them to perceive you and what could help you stand out to them. Choose words that help you achieve that.

See if you can’t find at least two places to enhance wording that will help your business stand out to the right people.

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