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Unloading the Dishwasher and Perspective

As I was unloading the dishwasher this morning I was reminded about the value of perspective. I place the silverware basket on the counter above our silverware drawer. Then I begin putting the silverware away. In order to make the task more interesting, I sometimes try to pull all the table knives out and not miss any. But inevitably I miss two or three because they are hidden among the rest of the silverware.

I end up finding those extra knives after I rearrange the scenery by putting some spoons and forks away. The other perspective change is when I turn the basket around and there’s a knife hiding behind a spoon.

When working on your business there can be things we miss because it’s so easy to keep looking at our business from one perspective. Yet our clients see things from a different perspective. This is why it can be helpful to shake up how you are viewing your business.

What can you do to get a different perspective, one that is closer to your clients? Maybe it’s sitting in the parking lot thinking about what it’s like to be a client showing up for the first time. When you visit your website what impression is it making on someone that doesn’t know what you know? What is it like for a client to call you, what impression does it make?

Take even ten minutes out of your busy day to think about your business from another perspective. Then consider how you could make even a small improvement that would make your business better for your clients.

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