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Increase Employee Engagement with Purpose

In 2015 Gallup released a poll that found 51 percent of US workers saying they were not engaged at work while an additional 17.5 percent claimed they were actively disengaged.

If you have employees what might that indicate? Can you imagine how much creativity, innovation, and engagement are being lost each month? How does that affect your clients and your business?

While every company has a brand those that intentionally create a brand that contains a clear purpose for existence have an advantage. What is their advantage? When a company has a clear purpose it’s easier to hire employees that resonate with your purpose. This creates more engagement because the work is more meaningful. This is positive for your company, employees and clients.

Consider a Physical Therapy clinic without purpose. Employees do physical therapy. Consider a Physical Therapy Clinic with a purpose. Employees help outdoor lovers get back outdoors. Feel the difference?

How about an accounting firm. We do accounting or we take care of the numbers so you can take care of your people. Feel the difference?

The industrial age has left many of us thinking we just plug people into our company and get to ignore their humanity. But if you want more than mechanical output you’ll want to consider your employee’s humanity. Give them a purpose to align with and they will be more engaged and motivated to take care of your clients, each other and your company.

When you intentionally develop a brand part of the process is getting clear on what your higher purpose is. Psst, it’s not money. It’s something bigger. If you haven’t intentionally developed a brand it’s time you did something about that. Why, because a brand will help you improve every area of your business.


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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

I love helping business owners who are passionate about making a positive difference in their clients' lives. I'm a passionate learner and teacher. My purpose is to help people live a more fulfilled life. In my professional life, I love helping business owners get clear on their purpose and identity. Then I help them clearly communicate their story so they can attract their ideal clients. I do this because I believe that when you work with your ideal clients you'll live a more fulfilled life.

Successful people do what everyone else won't dare to do. Don't wish it were easier; make yourself better.