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The Wrong Person in the Wheelchair and Remembering to Serve Your Ideal Clients

My wife told me the following story which is apparently true. A hospital attendant pushed a wheelchair into the hospital room to help the patient down to meet their ride. As the attendant came into the room she found a man sitting on the bed dressed in a suit with a briefcase on the floor by his feet.

She said she was there to help him get down to his ride. The man stated that he was fine and didn’t need a wheelchair. The attendant said that it was hospital policy that he ride down to the front door in a wheelchair. After some back and forth over policy and not needing a ride the man finally agreed if that was how it had to be.

As they arrived at the front doors and having noticed the ring the attendant asked if his wife was picking him up. No, the man replied, she was upstairs in the bathroom of the room they’d just left changing out of her hospital gown.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard that story. The problem is I can see it happening so easily.

We can get so busy doing our thing that we forget that we are in business to serve our clients. In fact, we can get distracted and begin offering our services to people who aren’t our ideal clients.

As in the story above the attendant was so focused on doing her job that she wasn’t serving the right client. She was pushing her services on someone who didn’t need them. Remember to stay focused on serving the right clients. Those clients that make you happy and who you can do your best work for.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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