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If You Screw Up Admit It!

I was talking with my mom and she told me a quick story about an acquaintance of her’s who had recently had cataract surgery where her natural eye lens was replaced with an Intraocular lens, a fancy name for the human-made lens.

The problem was that when this lady had the bandages removed and they asked her what she could see, she couldn’t see well at all. Turns out they put the wrong lens in.


But here is the kicker, they claimed it wasn’t their fault, it was hers.

I get that businesses are afraid of screwing up and getting sued. Yet the research shows that Doctors are less likely to get sued if they are just human. If they simply admit their mistake and work to correct it people are understanding.

It’s the attitude of, it’s not my fault, that pisses us off.

If you screw up a project with a client or something just goes wrong admit it! Apologize and do all you can to correct the situation.

Don’t try and blame your client! Have some compassion and empathy. How would you want to be treated? Treat your clients better then you’d want to be treated and you will likely be able to delight your clients!

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