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Susan Boyle and Why First Impressions Matter for Your Business

You may remember April 11, 2009, when Susan Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and sang “I Dreamed a Dream”. If you don’t you can watch the video below. It got people’s attention because it wasn’t what they were expecting.

Susan’s appearance was not what you would expect. In all honesty, she was a bit frumpy. Her appearance was very unlike everyone else on the show. The audience and the judges were reacting negatively. That is until she sang. People were in awe. Her voice was not what they expected from someone that looked the way she did.

First Impressions Matter

As much as we may not like it, people make decisions based on first impressions. If Susan hadn’t had the opportunity to sing we would never have known the talent that she had. The same is true with your business. If people misjudge you based on their first impression you’ll never get to show them the value you offer.

Your first impression matters. Depending on your business that first impression can be an employee a potential client talks to, marketing material they read, visiting your website or seeing an ad. What is the first impression people are having of your business?

Does the first impression people have of your business attract them or cause them to move on?

If you want to have an opportunity for people to experience how you can help them you need to make a good first impression.


You might find it valuable to re-examine the first impression your business is giving and be sure it’s the one you want people to experience. Because like it or not first impressions matter.

If you’d like to get some help making a positive first impression see what we offer. If you think you like working with us, schedule a quick call and we’ll see if we’d be a good match for improving your business’s first impression.

Photo Credit: Yes, first impressions matter. Yellow will definitely catch your eye. The question is will it give the impression you want? Thanks, Mariya Georgieva

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