If You Can Promote a Search Engine with Emotion You Can Promote Your Business with Emotion

How many product descriptions have you read that actually elicit an emotion? In fact, most promotional material tends to focus on information. But how many times does information get you excited?

How many teens do you believe smoke because they think it’s good for them? There is plenty of information to point out how unhealthy smoking is. But that rarely cause someone to stop smoking.

When was the last time you ate too many potato chips? Too much ice cream? Too much of whatever your vice is? Has the data that tells you how unhealthy your vice is stopped you?

How are you using emotion to help communicate the value of your services? If not why not?

Imagine what it would feel like to never work with a bad client. How would you feel if you were attracting more ideal clients? Would your business be more successful? How would it feel to go home after a day of working with clients that you were thrilled to work with?

It’s possible to think that your service is too boring or too ordinary to promote using emotion.

How emotional can you get promoting a search engine?

Maybe you have seen the video called Parisian Love that promotes Google’s search engine while telling a story that elicits emotions. It’s less than one minute, watch it and see and feel it for yourself.

Parisian Love Video


With a little thought and creativity, I’m positive that you can promote your business with more emotion than you’re probably using right now. Come on, help your clients out and give them more reasons to choose you. Connect with some emotion and see what difference it can make for your business.

Photo Credit: Thanks for capturing this moment that illustrates emotion Kristina Litvjak

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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