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How Your Brand Can Help Your Business Deal With Change

Change is inevitable. How quickly you can adapt to that change depends. It depends on the size of the organization and the culture.

The bigger your company the harder it is to adapt to change. The smaller your company the easier it is to adapt to change.

But what changes should you adapt to? This is where having a clearly defined brand is essential.

Your brand is the guiding light for making decisions. Decisions like, should we get bigger or stay small. Should we adapt to this change or not? The bottom line when making decisions is whether it will help strengthen your brand promise. Will it help you better serve your ideal client?

Consider Trader Joe’s, they have a distinct and fun brand. With so many grocery retailers jumping on the bandwagon of selling online would they join them? No. Why? Because their brand guides their decisions. As Trader Joe’s president Jon Basalone shared regarding why they aren’t selling online, “For us, the store is our brand, and our products work best when they’re sold as part of this overall customer experience within the store. And so we’re not ready to give that up. For us, the brand is too important, and the store is our brand.”

The decisions are easier and more on point when made in alignment with your brand as the guide.

So as you seek to adapt to the changing world around your business use your brand to guide your decision making. If you don’t have a clearly defined brand this is one of many advantages a brand offers. These advantages have a direct impact on your business and ultimately your bottom line.

Change is inevitable and a clearly defined brand is your GPS to help guide you through those changes.

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