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Micro Changes Help You Stay Relevant To Your Clients

The other night my older daughters went to a rock climbing gym with some friends. They had a great time and mentioned something that caught my attention.

They mentioned how the gym is frequently changing up the handholds to keep things interesting and worth coming back for. I believe what’s great for their business is great for your business. No, don’t rearrange handholds, unless you’re a rock climbing gym. Instead, use the concept.

What if the gym left all the handholds in the same place month after month? Climbers would get bored. They’d look for another place to climb that had something new to challenge them. If they didn’t make these adjustments their business would struggle. Instead, they keep making adjustments so things are relevant and useful for their clientele.

If you wait until business slows before you make adjustments you’ll always be behind the curve. Get out in front. Pay attention to what your clients need, want and desire. Listen to them, try anticipating what you could do to make their lives better.

Implement a monthly schedule of small micro-adjustments that you can work on. If your clients don’t care for one adjustment, no big deal it was small and you can easily reverse it. Then keep implementing micro-adjustments. Every year you will be enhancing your business and creating better experiences and outcomes for your clients.

And you won’t have to undergo some massive overhaul that may or may not bring the results you needed.

Having an intentionally crafted brand is a big help as you make micro-adjustments like these. It helps because you have a clearly defined guideline for making decisions. Your micro-adjustments won’t just be random but in line with serving your best customers how you do it best.

If you haven’t defined your brand yet there are plenty of books that can help you. Here at Smitten, we help you define your brand as we develop your website. If you’d like help book a call and see if you’d enjoy having our help. Book a Call.


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