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Does The Word Branding Make You Cringe?

Do you cringe when you think about branding? Maybe it’s because you don’t like the idea of superficial marketing used to sell average or inferior products. Maybe you don’t like the idea of branding because it feels like it’s used to manipulate people into making decisions they later regret.

As with most things you can use them in both positive and negative ways. If branding was simply about the above I’d cringe too.

What Is A Brand Really

I believe that a brand is an extension of your identity, your personality. As such, when we cringe at how some companies use branding remember it’s a reflection of who they are.

Because a brand is an extension of who you are, if you have the best interest of your clients at heart then your brand will reflect that. Your brand won’t be cringe-worthy. Branding doesn’t need to make you cringe. But how some people use branding is cringe-worthy.

You Have A Brand

The reality though is if you run a business you have a brand. Because a brand is a reflection of everything you are and do. You may not have intentionally created your brand but you have one.

If you’d like to intentionally create your brand you might discover it’s more helpful for attracting your ideal clients. But first, you’ll need to know who your ideal client is. You can read more about that here. If you’d like to learn more about branding here’s links to a couple more articles, What is a Brand and Brand Reputation.

Wrapping Up

Remember sometimes our perceptions can be skewed by past experiences but they aren’t always a perfect reflection of reality. Brands can be a powerful force for good. Why not harness the power of branding to help further your cause? You have good things to offer your clients, crafting a better brand will help you attract the people you serve best.

Photo Credit: Thanks to Henry, Ford is a major brand even today. Thanks, NeONBRAND

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Trevor Wilson

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