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Drivers Ed, A Podcast and the Meaning of Profits in Your Business

I was taking my daughter to her Drivers Ed class, well, I guess you could say she was taking me because she was driving. Anyway, before heading back home I turned on the OnBrand podcast, It’s a great podcast on branding by the way. In this episode, Nick was interviewing Ken Blanchard and the following jumped out at me:

“A lot of Wall Street people think that profit is the reason for business. I say profit is the applause you get for creating a motivating environment for your people so they’ll take good care of your customers.” – Ken Blanchard

Whether you have employees or it’s just you, it’s so tempting to measure success based on money. It’s also so easy to focus on your needs and get distracted from taking care of your customers. But the bottom line is taking care of your customers or clients. You and your employees if you have them, need to be clear on why you are at work. The point is to add value to those you serve.

Create an environment where those caring for your clients feel safe and empowered so you make it easier to receive the “applause”. If you take care of yourself and your employees your clients will be cared for. You can create an environment where your clients become raving fans which help take care of you. But it starts with you create an environment that allows your people to really take care of your clients.

What will you start changing today so you and your employees can better care for your clients?

Photo Credit: Benjamin Franklin, he was quite the guy! Thanks, Vladimir Solomyani.

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