Non-profits should look good

Does old, boring, and outdated ring a bell? That’s how the team at Clark County Adventist Community Services felt their website looked. It certainly wasn’t something they were excited to share with others.

Professionally crafted websites aren’t cheap, but the volunteers at Clark County ACS felt that an investment in this area was important. As a non-profit, they wanted to be relevant and attractive to the people they serve, as well as the organizations that donate resources to them.

It can be really embarrassing to any of us to hit bottom and need a little help with clothes, food, etc. As such, our design team wanted to ensure that their website felt warm, understanding and inviting.

The resulting easy-to-use website shows value and care to those they serve, and gives them a visual edge when they apply for grants and ask for donations!


Does your business desperately need an attraction-factor​ boost?

We totally get it. It can be so hard to make the call on a new website. It’s hard to know for sure if a new design will help business blossom again. If you’d like to chat about your situation, we’re totally here for you!