confidence like woah

Starting or have a business that needs a confidence injection? Sometimes our marketing efforts are best helped by a credible and beautiful first impression built to draw your ideal clients in to discover more about you.

This was the case for Shelley–a nurse, horse-lover and entrepreneur who has turned trauma into triumph.  

One windy day a freak accident occurred in her pasture that left one of her horses, Ruby, with a severely injured shoulder. Spurred on by watching her beauty’s leg atrophy before her eyes, Shelley researched unconventional treatments. She finally discovered one that, for Ruby, worked like absolute magic. With Ruby healed to perfection, Shelly undertook training and became an ATS Certified Acuscope Myopulse Therapist. Now she’s started a business to allow other horse lovers to experience the joy of healing with their own horses that she has.

In starting her new business, Shelley needed a website that would educate and answer questions for potential clients about this relatively unknown therapy. Her site needed to give a solid first impression and establish credibility, even to those within the animal medical field, yet still have a very gentle and personal feel. Just our style!

We had so much fun strategizing and crafting this site! The amount of content was a bit of a challenge to fit on a continuous one-page site, but ingenuity prevailed. 

The result? A gorgeous photo-centric site that provided everything she asked for. Plus loads of joy, smiles, compliments, and an amazing confidence boost to get her off on the right track!

Starting a new business? Need make a positive first impression from the beginning?

There’s always so much to consider when you start a new business. We get it. Our track record for helping businesses get started with a great first impression has been a highly successful one. Would having your people fall in love with your new business be a good thing? If so, we’re open and just might be able to help you look amazing!.