Change is good

Made some changes in your company structure or partnerships and feel like a website redesign would help reflect the new you?

This actually happens more than you might imagine. New people, new goals, new whatever can all be the catalyst to a fresh website that will allow the right people to be smitten with your business.

That’s exactly what happened with the Chang & Hale law firm. They had a change of partnership, and their old website looked too much like that of their former partners. They wanted to stand out and be their new selves.

James and Alan hired Smitten to transform their website into one that stood out and spoke almost subconsciously of their laid-back culture.

Today, Chang and Hale continues to serve the industry-leading, unnamed corporations that depend on them for intellectual property law counsel. They no longer feel held back by a website that isn’t them anymore.

And other lawyers around the country are taking notice of their website as well and contacting us to inquire about what we could do to help their own agencies stand out from the crowd.

Changing for the better? Want some love?​

Change can be scary. But it can also provide tremendous opportunities for growth. Would a premium website handcrafted to show off your best side help your business? Would having your people fall in love with your business be a good thing? If so, we’re open and just might be able to help.