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A Little Bite Of A Story: The Bake Shop Way

Here’s a cookie I ran across at Whole Foods that caught my attention. This gives an example of using a story in your brand. I’ll also point out a couple of things that might improve the telling of the story. Little things you can keep an eye out for when you are communicating your brand.

So as you can see it’s Tate’s Bake Shop from South Hampton, New York that has created these uniquely crispy and deeply delicious cookies as the package says. In the second photo below, you’ll see the story about Kathleen.

A Little Bite Of A Story: The Bake Shop Way

Here’s the story and by the way, the designers at Smitten love the cookie crumbs on top of the text in the image below. So read the story about Kathleen and Tate’s Bake Shop.

A Little Bite Of A Story: The Bake Shop Way

That’s a nice little story to help a person understand the backstory of Tate’s Bake Shop. But therein lies a small disconnect. The story is about the Tate’s Bake Shop but it’s Kathleen King who started the shop? Is this her married name? Does someone else own the shop now?

After visiting their website and poking around I found out that Kathleen named the store after her dad. This does illustrate the challenge we face in communicating clearly. Without intending to this story created a question in my mind. Unanswered questions make it harder to develop a connection which is often the point of sharing our story.

The second component is that the story is very me focused. It’s all about them. Could it be more you focused as in focused more on the benefits to the consumer? That’s a small point to consider but if it was more you focused what different feelings might it elicit from the reader? Do notice though that they are sharing a story. They did something. Have you taken the time to share your story? It’s probably better to put your story out there then not just because it might not be perfect.

So when you share your story think about how it will read, sound and feel to someone who’s experiencing it for the first time.

You can read about a great story that didn’t even make it onto the company website in my post about Ellenos yogurt. At least the story wasn’t there at the time I wrote the post. What story do you need to share?


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