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Making a Roosters Country Kitchen Ad Customer-Focused

It’s something that lots of business owners struggle with. And that’s talking about themselves. But your customers want to know what you can do for them. 

There’s an ad that I saw in a magazine. It reflects the typical ad that focuses on the business rather than the customer. Just a small change in how you word your ads so that they focus on the customer can make a big difference.

Below is the original ad. Notice how it’s focused on the business.

Original Ad

Welcome to Roosters. Locally owned and operated, our success rests on a firm understanding that great meals begin with the highest quality raw ingredients, the recipes we’ve perfected over the decades and our strong desire to please our guests. Whether it’s taking the time to make fresh hand rolled noodles for our famous Rooster Noodle soup or roasting the tomatoes used in our salsa, there is no detail too small to ignore when it comes to food quality.

Customer-Focused Revision

Now, this ad could be re-written in numerous ways that would allow it to be customer focused. Below is my alteration to the ad in which I put more emphasis on the customer and what they will experience.

As you walk into Roosters you’ll experience the aroma of recipes that have been perfected over the decades. As you take your first bite you’ll be delighted by the flavors of top quality ingredients.

From the hand-rolled noodles in your Roosters Noodle Soup to the roasted tomatoes in your salsa, you will experience the value of attention to the culinary details in every bite.

Next time you’re in Pendleton, come experience breakfast, lunch or dinner Roosters style!


So how does the ad feel when you read it once it’s been rewritten? Does it feel more focused on you?

You’ll also notice that I broke the one big paragraph up into for smaller paragraphs. Shorter paragraphs are easier for your customers to read. (A particular publication may make it difficult for you to include the extra space with multiple paragraphs. But if you can, break the text up into shorter paragraphs.)

When you write ads for your business, make sure that you’re writing for the customer. Put the spotlight on the customer. Make it all about them.

Even if you hire someone to write ads for you make sure that they’re focusing on the customer.

Now go rewrite one of your ads so it focuses on the customer!

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