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What Is Your Definition Of Success And Will It Make You Happy?

Have you defined what success means for you? I’m serious, have you taken the time to really define what success is for you? If you haven’t how will you know if you are successful? If you have are you sure it’s what you want?

What Is Success?

Some people believe success is like a destination. But once you reach your destination of success than what?

What do you expect to feel when you believe you have arrived a success? If success and the feeling of success come from achieving a goal what happens once you have achieved it?

Once you achieve that goal how long will the feeling of success last?

Some people believe that success is being able to be involved in something that you love every day. What if you defined success as being able to work every day on something you were passionate about?

What if success was not about achieving goals but about being involved in something that mattered to you. Something that was meaningful and fulfilling. Something you could be passionate about that would enable you to push through the challenging times which are part of any worthy pursuit.

When you’re involved in something that you love and that you’re passionate about it’s the doing that is rewarding. Success can be simply being involved in a worthy cause. After all, success is simply what you choose it to be.

Is Your Definition of Success Yours?

Society around you has created various definitions of success. But you don’t have to accept them. After all, it’s your life why not define success in a way that allows you to enjoy and relish every single day?

Is your definition of success setting you up to feel a sense of happiness, fulfillment, and meaning every day? Or is your definition of success putting you in a situation where you’re always trying to find success? You could choose to find success in the fact that you are daily participating in a purpose that is worthy of the effort.

Make Success Worthy

To participate in a purpose that is worthy of your effort may require that you change up what you’re doing. But it also may happen by choosing to think differently about what you’re currently doing. Often you can connect what you’re doing to a bigger perspective. This change in thinking about what you’re doing can allow you to connect your daily activities to a greater purpose that is worthy of daily pursuit. Maybe that is success?

Wrapping Up

The definition of success is yours to define. Be careful what you choose because it will affect the quality of your daily life. What will you choose as the definition of success for your life?

Photo Credit: Success may be related to something grander than ourselves. Thanks to Nghia Le for the image.

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