This plumber gets stared at while he does his business

I wouldn’t normally call a plumber while he’s sitting on the loo, but this one might do.

Nick is the owner of The Sault’s Plumber, a plumbing company in Canada. As you can see when he’s out driving, he gets attention because he stands out from the crowd. In fact, his creative signage has gotten him viral attention after just a few weeks of being in business!

This plumber gets stared at while he does his business

That’s the kind of attention that’s remarkable meaning that once people see it, they’re likely to talk about it because it’s worth sharing. And it even gets people calling for Nick’s services.

Just remember that once you get your customers attention, you then get to demonstrate the value you offer.

There’s plenty of companies that try all kinds of gimmicks and techniques to get people’s attention. But what really matters is what happens after you get their attention.

Nick says he got his idea for the toilet on the truck door from his grandfather . It’s a great idea! It gets attention it helps them stand out from the crowd. I also read a few reviews about Nick’s business and people seemed very pleased with the service he offers. Now that’s a combination that’s likely to have customers calling again when they need help with plumbing issues.

What reasons are you giving your clients to want to do business with you again?


Photo Credit: While we don’t normally endorse taking photos of people doing their business, this one is great. Thanks Classic Signs, Inc! And thanks to you, Gilles Desjardins,  for the WC photo.

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