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Technical Benefits? Features? Feelings? How Clients Chose to Do Business With You

Imagine being in an electronics store standing in front of a row of big screen TVs. How do you make your choice? Price? Size?

The sales associate has been explaining all the technical specifications. Your mind is numb from all the facts. You’re confused.

Long lists of specifications, features, and benefits will not cause people to buy your services. People want to do business with people who believe what they believe.

What you do needs to matter to them. You need to help them feel the way they want to feel. Help them feel part of something, something that they can connect with.

There are so many options and so much information that most decisions are not based on facts but on feelings. It’s feelings that drive purchasing decisions. The features and benefits are what we use to justify our purchases.

If you want people to act, they need to believe what you believe. That means you gotta tell people what you believe.

Apple’s story is that they believe in challenging the status quo. They believe in thinking differently. Everything they do reflects these beliefs.

What do you believe? Are you telling your potential clients what you believe in?

What you believe is part of your purpose and why you do what you do. Helping your clients understand this will help you stand out from the crowd because so many businesses try to sell features and benefits.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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