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Stand Out By Breaking The Script

What do I mean by script? A script is a normal process that is expected. When you make a purchase you expect to get a receipt. When you walk into a bank you expect to walk up to a counter and speak with a teller.

There are standard interactions that are expected when interacting with a business. That is the key, it’s expected, it’s the norm and routine.

What if you broke the script? What if you changed the experience from the expected to the unexpected? You could do it in a way that annoyed people. But what if you found ways to break the script in ways that would be meaningful to people?

The Script Broken

Unfortunately, the norm after surgery is to be ignored. But some medical practices break the script by calling to see how you’re doing.

Once you’ve closed on the house and moved in the realtor’s job is done. But what if they came and helped you move in? What if they helped you do some painting? What if they put you in touch with a friendly and helpful plumber.

What can you do that is different but meaningful to your clients? First off you’ll need to have taken the time to listen to your clients. If you haven’t you’ll want to start listening to your clients right away.

How could you break the script in ways that would make your clients feel more valued, special, seen, heard, or understood?

Examples of Breaking The Script

If your business has repeat customers may be keeping track of their preferences would be valuable. Top-notch restaurants and hotels have their staff listen to people’s preferences. These preferences are then recorded in the notes so in the future the staff is aware of each person’s preferences. This allows the customer to have a more personalized experience.

If you travel a lot and use the same car rental company why should they ask you every time if you’d like insurance? You’ve rented from them 13 times and never said yes. Maybe stop asking because it doesn’t convey that you value that customer. Instead, it feels like you’re trying to wear them down hoping they’ll say yes so the company can pull in more profit.

In the sea of legal firms that seem to offer services from A to Z, how could you break the script? How about focusing on one area of law? How about narrowing that to help men with family law matters? That breaks the traditional script. Now men feel like there are legal services designed just for them. They feel seen, heard and understood. They feel like they matter.

What if breaking the script was a simple as caring? What if when people called you they felt like you cared whether their business succeeded or not? What if they felt you had their best interest at heart? Do you think they get that feeling when they call your competitors?

How Could You Break The Script?

Could you make what is often a complicated process simple?

How about finding a way to create a more personalized experience for your client?

How about throwing in a little something extra now and again?

What about looking for a way to make something boring fun? Think Southwest Airlines and some of its flight safety announcements.

Even if you have to follow a system such as insurance what could you to do humanize the experience. What could be done to make the experience more interesting, more elevating or more thoughtful?

Your Turn

If you want to break the script in a meaningful way that will improve your client’s experience you can. Yes, it will take some energy to come up with an idea and implement it. Think about how it might make your client’s lives just a little better because you implement that idea.

So I invite you to take some time and think about how you could break the script in your business. Start by finding just one way you could change things up and make it better for your clients. It’s another way to help your business stand out.

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