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Boost Your Business From the Middle Up: It’s more Profitable!

A business with a strong brand is able to attract more of their ideal clients. These clients leave positive reviews because the company has fine-tuned their offering just for them.

Imagine a dartboard for a moment. The ideal clients are at the center. But there are clients that are attracted while not quite as perfect a match. These people make up the middle ring. These clients are great just not a perfect match. They love the services offered and leave great reviews.

Then there are people that make up the outer edge of the dartboard. These people come along but aren’t a good match. It’s from this group of people that you get your problem clients. Because the services offered aren’t designed for them. Fortunately, most of these people are filtered out before they become clients. But some of them slip through from time to time and they tend to leave bad reviews. Why? Because the service wasn’t designed for them.

With the above in mind, how might you look at the feedback regarding your business? Should you fret over the bad reviews? Should you try to change how you do business in an attempt to eliminate the negative reviews? If you changed your business to try and improve the one-star reviews who are you making your business for? Be careful here because you could end up changing your business in a way that would no longer align with your ideal clients.

You didn’t start your business to appeal to everyone. You built your business to attract a certain type of person. The person who you’re best suited to help.

If you want to boost your business a little you can work on improving how you help the group in the middle. Don’t change how you’re doing the core of your business. However, if there are things you can improve that would increase the value you offer the group in the middle, why not. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your best clients.

By making adjustments so you add more value to the group in the middle you can improve their satisfaction. This can improve your bottom line. Just be sure that you don’t change so much that you don’t reduce your appeal to your ideal clients. As with any changes monitor the results and make changes as needed to achieve the outcome you desire.


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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

I love helping business owners who are passionate about making a positive difference in their clients' lives. I'm a passionate learner and teacher. My purpose is to help people live a more fulfilled life. In my professional life, I love helping business owners get clear on their purpose and identity. Then I help them clearly communicate their story so they can attract their ideal clients. I do this because I believe that when you work with your ideal clients you'll live a more fulfilled life.

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