Possibly the Most Important Website Design Content “Must Have”

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There’s one thing that most people seem to forget in their web design content, and in their business model. And it’s probably the most important. I’ll illustrate this with a personal story.

Our agency has been quite busy the last few months. In fact, this has been our busiest year yet. As clients poured in, and existing clients asked for updates, etc., I found that little things were starting to fall through the cracks. Because it’s incredibly important to me that I give my clients the kind of service I would want to experience, the workload was starting to worry me. I have a pretty good memory, but it wasn’t in my clients’ best interest to rely on my memory. I needed a little outside help.

So I took a mini-vacation from designing and spent several days looking for a project management tool that would help me provide better service to my clients. I was looking for something that could help me plan project load, forecast availability, and also be friendly for keeping projects on a timeline so they’re done in a timely manner.

Finding such a solution in this technical age should be easy, right? Nope. Wrong! The more I looked, the more project management options I found. I think there were probably 483 options to sort through.

Here’s a visual illustration of what I kept running into. (Pick the project management tool that you think I should look at further from their headers pasted below.)

Possibly the Most Important Website Design Content "Must Have" Possibly the Most Important Website Design Content "Must Have" Possibly the Most Important Website Design Content "Must Have" Possibly the Most Important Website Design Content "Must Have"

And this is where my advice regarding your website starts….

You. Must. Have. A. Unique. Selling. Point.

Why was finding the right project management software solution so difficult for me? It was simply because nearly every project management software said the same thing on the home page. They stated nothing that set them apart. Nothing that caught my eye as different from the other options. They had no bold daring statements. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

‘Nuf said.

If you don’t know your unique selling point, don’t worry. When we do your website redesign project, or even build you a brand new website, I’ll help you find a unique selling point. It’s fun to do and shouldn’t keep you from moving forward in your business. In fact, finding one will help you move forward with even more of a competitive advantage! Helping clients find a unique selling point is just one of the benefits of strategic web design that I provide to my clients.


Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson is a designer and web design strategist. She's also the one that manages Smitten. Her biggest obsession isn't in the managing though. It's in crafting transformations that allow people to fall in love with her clients' businesses.

We help busy professionals stand out and be more attractive to their ideal clients.

Our unconventional approach requires less of your time than is typical of most branding and design projects. It’s said we have a rare gift for thoughtfully stepping into a client’s shoes and bringing out the best in them. Working with us leaves you free to do what you do best, while we make you shine.