10 Things You Must Say No To

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10 things to say no to

Your life is full of decisions. Should I do this? Should I do that? Which adds more value. Which lead to your definition of success?

Richard Koch in his book, The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less shares these 10 principles. Read them. Ponder them. Read them again. Ponder them again.

The Top 10 low-value uses of time

1 – Things other people want you to do

2 – Things that have always been done this way

3 – Things you’re not unusually good at doing

4 – Things you don’t enjoy doing

5 – Things that are always interrupted

6 – Things few other people are interested in

7 – Things that have already taken twice as long as you originally expected

8 – Things where your collaborators are unreliable or low quality

9 – Things that have a predictable cycle

10 – Answering the telephone

Do you invest time in these activities? If you avoided these areas would you be more effective? Would it be difficult to reduce time spent in these activities? Will you spend less time today in one of these areas?

Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

Trevor is a love-focused branding specialist helping our team constantly fine-tune our obsessions. He’s a passionate learner and teacher, distilling over 100 industry-related books a year into digestible bits that make Smitten’s client projects more powerful every day.

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