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People Want to Choose You – Make it Easier

Play along for a minute and imagine that your name is James. You have been offered the chance to try one of three teas. Their names are the following, Tamoki, Jamoki and Saroki. Which one might you choose to try?

Researchers have shown that in some conditions people prefer brands or products that contain the letters of their own name. In our example above James would be more likely to select the Jamoki tea over the other options.


We, humans, are often looking for shortcuts to help us make decisions. It appears that something as simple as a brand that has some of the letters of your name could cause you to choose that brand over another.

For me, this indicates that people are looking for a reason to be able to connect with a product, a brand, or a service. When we’re searching for a solution to a problem we’re looking for something to help us identify the company that can help us. We want to feel like we can trust them, that they understand us, and that we won’t just be another number. We want to feel that it’s the right place for us.

Tell Them What You Believe

A great way to help people connect and identify with your business is to tell them what you believe in. What do you stand for? What do you stand against? The people that can resonate with what you believe will be more likely to want to work with you. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and say what you believe. Yes, it will push some people away but those are the people you don’t want to do business with. They’re the problem clients because they’re not your clients. But when you push some people away you attract others. These are your people the people you will love to do business with and who will love doing business with you.


Put yourself out there because it helps the right people choose you.

Photo Credit: Decisions. Which door to enter? If you like blue it’s an easy decision. Help make it easy for your clients to choose. Thanks for the picture Letizia Bordoni!

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