What You Need To Know About Color And How It Impacts Your Website

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Do you realize how much color impacts you? You may have noticed how most fast food restaurants have red, orange and yellow colors primarily. If you haven’t, now you can look for them!) That’s because those colors help them sell more food all because you are affected by color. In fact, one study showed that 84.7 percent of consumers say that color impacts their buying decisions!

Therefore your website needs to use colors that set the tone and convey the message you intend. Wrong colors equals wrong message, hurting your bottom line. So when 60 to 90 percent of a customer’s initial impression is based on color alone, you should take that to heart.

In Kama’s article “3 Website Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make,” we give one example of how an appropriate color can be determined by knowing your target customer.

Another key point to keep in mind is that while colors can’t make people feel a certain way, colors can portray attitudes that impact a person’s buying experience. So if you want to express courage and excitement then go with RED. If you’d rather portray elegance and dignity go with PURPLE.

Read over the following graphic to educate yourself in the mysteries of color and how the color(s) of your website impact your audience.

Color Theory: What People Really Think [Infographic]

Very interesting to note how age can impact what colors people prefer. If you find that the colors on your website aren’t aligned with your primary audience get in touch with us via our Contact page. We’ll help you decide how you could better align your website with the needs of your target audience.

Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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