Muddy Boots and too Little Gusto

Descending the stairs I encountered a pair of muddy boots by the front door that belonged to a three-year-old. I decided to step out on the front porch with them and bang the mud off. As I banged them together nothing happened. The mud wasn’t coming off.

I realize that in my desire to not get mud on me I hadn’t performed the task with much gusto. Deciding to not worry about getting dirty I really bang the boots together. This time the mud started coming off.

Halfhearted or Wholehearted?

How many times in life do we approach projects, challenges, and problems in a halfhearted way? Are we afraid of getting dirty? Oh, and I didn’t get much mud on me after all.

What if we put our heart and soul into what we do?

Maybe what you’re doing doesn’t feel worthy of your heart and soul?

Think About It

How might life be different if we chose to take it on with our heart and soul fully engaged? Yes, we might get dirty (at little at least) but it also might be worth it because it would be more fulfilling.

Photo Credit: Ah the joy of mud! Thanks for the memories and the photo, June Admiraal

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Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson is a designer and impression strategist who is passionate about crafting transformations that allow people to fall in love with her clients' businesses.

Successful people do what everyone else won't dare to do. Don't wish it were easier; make yourself better.