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Duck Decoys and The Value of Your Services

My wife sent me an email about duck decoys that she thought was interesting. I had no idea that duck decoys could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Did you?

There are people that are fascinated by both antique and exquisitely made modern duck decoys. These collectors find meaning and value in obtaining certain duck decoys. As for me, I wouldn’t spend a dollar on one at a thrift store. But that’s how life goes different people find value in different things.

What Makes Decoy’s Valuable?

For those that collect duck decoys what makes them valuable? Below are a few factors that affect the value of duck decoys.

  • The person that made the duck decoy can increase or decrease the value.
  • Another factor is the region or country these decoys came from.
  • The species of duck that is depicted by the carving plays a role.
  • One that’s probably obvious is the condition of the decoy.
  • Scarcity is another factor. How many known decoys of this variety are available.
  • For an older decoy, the ability to reliably authenticate the maker is important.

When all of these factors come together it can increase the value dramatically. The highest price ever paid at auction for a duck decoy was $856,000 in 2007. That’s a lot of value to place in some wood carved to look like a duck.

Value in Business

Yet we see the same thing with service businesses. Why does one business coach struggle to sell $100 an hour slots while another is getting paid $1000 per hour? I would suggest it has a lot to do with who they’re attracting and the perceived value of that hour.

Sometimes the value offered may be almost identical. However, perception and awareness help generate value.

What Are You Telling Potential Clients?

What kind of value are you communicating to your potential clients? If you’re not attracting clients who are willing to pay what you think you’re worth is it possible that you’re not communicating your value well enough?

Maybe you should re-read your marketing copy, re-examine the design and photos that you’re using. Re-examine what you tell people and yourself about what you offer. Is it possible that your marketing material is actually holding you back because it doesn’t convey the value that you can deliver?

If you’re trying to reach a certain type of client are you sure you know what they care about, what they find valuable?

Think About It

Business, like life, should be a constant process of learning, changing and growing. If you’re not getting the results you want, keep tweaking and moving towards your goal. You are valuable. You have something to offer.

Photo Credit: Who’d of touch wood carvings of ducks could sell for 100,000’s of dollars? Value is in the mind of the beholder. Thanks for the sweet photo, Paolo Nicolello.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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