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In Brief: The Smitten Website Difference

You know that your business isn’t the same as the one down the street. But when people visit your website, does your uniqueness stand out? Can people feel the difference?

Websites aren’t just about looks. They’re not just about ease of use or great messaging. They’re about feelings. What will your customer feel as they experience your website?

Call it design, call it branding, or call it any other thing, but this is what we’re born for. This is what we do. We’re here to help people fall in love with you.

In photo selection:

When we sit down to design a page, open up a stock photo site and begin the hunt for “the one” we’re consistently surprised by how many wrong-to-use photos there are. So many fake smiles, stiff poses, and outdated graphics… it’s nearly as scary as looking for Mr. Right!

We’re looking for authenticity. For smiles so genuine-looking you can almost hear the laughter in the picture. We’re looking for that Smitten feeling.

And believe it or not, finding the right photo that creates the feel we’re going for can take a LOT of time.

In layout:

When we start pulling together a layout, our goal is to captivate and draw people in deeper. Outsiders continually give us compliments about how easy our websites are to navigate. And that’s what you want. People need to be able to browse your website and find what they are looking for easily!

We’re also pretty keen on keeping your layout distinctive so people don’t get overwhelmed or confused. While lots of designs can look trendy, it turns out most are not user-friendly. They’re jumbled or cluttered when they should be clear and distinct.

With a Smitten website, confusion and clutter are out, whitespace and clarity are in.

In psychology:

We believe psychology is a big part of the picture in crafting a website that allows people to fall in love with you. The human brain is complicated, but it’s also quite predictable. Our Kindle bookshelf is full of books we’ve read and are reading on how to better present you to your audience so you get the response you’re looking for.

That Smitten feeling? It’s deliberately handcrafted. There’s no “throw it together and hope it works” happenin’ ‘round here.

In human connection:

Turns out that every business is powered by humans. And turns out, that humans are designed for connection. A big part of what we do is connect humans with humans… We’re deliberate about it, even if it is done virtually. People want to connect. And that’s not gonna happen on its own. A Smitten website gives your visitors a chance to connect and feel like they belong.

In content:

When we work over content, we want it to reflect what makes your business different from anyone else. What about you is special? What’s your unique story? What connection points can we bring out that your people will fall in love with? We then take this to craft content that showcases these aspects about you.

A Smitten website is crafted to speak to the heart of the people you love to serve. Might we be the right fit for your next web design project?

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Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson is a design strategist. Her unexpected 8-year background in internet marketing spills over into her design and strategy work giving her a unique, intuitive edge that her web design clients welcome.

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