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How Clarity Helps Clients Choose You

I did a quick search for “business coach” and here’s what I found on the first listing I opened. Granted the search on the term “business coach” is very general but still, this is an example of a coach’s website. Ah, but first let’s set the stage a little. Let’s try and get into the mindset of someone looking for a life coach.

Not Clear Enough

So based on the search, my mindset would be that I’m looking for a business coach. When I open the website and in a large font I read, Life and Business Coaching. That lacks clarity. Then I look at the navigational links on the top of the website. I find links for life and business coaching, nutrition coaching, personal training, and workout plans.

If I really want help with business coaching I’m not sure this coach is for me. I want an expert, somebody that is focused on business coaching. If I’m searching for a business coach I want to feel that they are focused and will be able to help me with their problem. That website, and your and mine, only has a few seconds to grab a persons’ attention or lose them, likely forever.

Simple Clarity

When you can simply and clearly tell people what you do, why you do it and who you serve it helps bring clarity. It helps them choose you! That is if you’re right for them.

This coaches website felt like he was saying I do a little of this and I do a little of that. What can I do for you? That’s not convincing and it doesn’t give me a sense that he’d be a superb business coach.

Are You Hiding Your Value?

But here’s the problem this guy might be an absolutely amazing business coach but his lack of clarity and focus is hurting’s business. Maybe he isn’t focusing because he likes diversity. Build multiple websites focused on each area you enjoy. Maybe he’s afraid if he gets focused there won’t be enough business. Get over it because a focus is powerful and yes it can seem scary but get over it.

Whatever the reason he’s making it harder for clients to choose him.

Do your potential clients realize how much value you can offer them? Or is it lost in all the talk about you and all the great things you can do? Oops, sounds like lots of sites I’ve run across.

When you develop clarity regarding your business you make it easier for people to choose you, refer you, remember you, and work with you when they need what you offer.

How About You?

What can you do to more clearly say what you do, why you do it and who you serve? The more clarity you have the easier it will be for clients to choose you. After all isn’t that what you’d like, to have the right clients choose you?

Photo Credit: being focused helps bring clarity. It makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. Thanks for the illustration of this point, David Travis.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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