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Have you questioned why you do it that way lately?

Questions are powerful. Young children learn so much by asking questions. Yet somewhere along the line, we tend to forget how to ask questions. Oh, sure we can ask where’s the restroom. But I mean deeper questions. Questions that can lead to change. To transformation.

If you’ve been in business for a while have you stopped to consider the processes you use? Have you asked, “why do I do it this way?” Are there things in your industry that have always been done a certain way? Why? Could it be done differently? Could you add something? Could you remove something? How would it impact your ability to serve your clients?

3 Examples

Amazon asked a question, why should we have to go to a bookstore to get a book?

The founder of GoPro cameras wondered why he couldn’t have a small waterproof camera with him while surfing.

I don’t recall at the moment who it was but at some point, somebody asked the question, why can’t I put wheels on my suitcase?

What Questions Have you Asked Lately?

Maybe it’s time to fire up a little curiosity and start asking some “why” questions in regard to your business and industry. Maybe it’s time to break with the way it’s always been and create something new.

Photo Credit: Why have a picture like that? Why not! Thanks for a picture that illustrates questioning Emily Morter

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