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How Color, Shape & Imagery Speak To Your Customers

Gain a greater understanding of color, shape and imagery and the impact it has on your customers through this well done presentation below. Discover how color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. Is your website, logo and marketing material creating the best reactions, encouraging customers to take the right actions and sway their thinking in your direction?

  • Discover 5 ways that red is used in media
  • Discover 6 ways blue is used in media
  • Discover which color your attention more than any other
  • Discover 4 ways that yellow is used in media
  • Get a quick overview of a color emotion guide
  • See what a circle can do for design
  • Discover why lines are important to design
  • What line can create a mood of grandeur or spirituality?
  • Do people care about image quality?
  • Grab the cheat sheet images for your own use later

So jump in and learn more about how color effects your customers and your website.

Let us help you create a website that can sway your customers thinking, change their actions and cause them to react in a positive way your company. Give us a call…541-903-1180

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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