fantastic first impressions

Are you starting a new business and know that it’s imperative to make a great first impression as you start your marketing efforts?

This was the case with Rod Basconcillo, a client referred to us by OnStage. He had the opportunity of a lifetime to get some serious promotion at a trade show, but his crowd was a tough one to impress since they were all designers!

While Rod had been working in this field for years, he had just recently decided to make it a focused business. And as such, needed a more budget-friendly option while still being able to look attractive and be positioned for growth. Our Cornerstone website package was just the right fit for his needs.

Knowing we had some tight deadlines to meet so Rod could make the best possible impression, we got right to work. He gathered the information we needed quickly and took the requested strengths assessment that would help us turn out better work. 

First, we pulled together a beautiful flyer that would be sent to show attendees prior to the event. Then we took the look & feel from that and used it as a platform for building his website. 

The results were perfectly positive with lots of unsolicited, glowing commentary from show attendees about his website and collateral. He came back to the office loaded with hot leads which he’s been turning into clients ever since. 


Starting a new business? Need make a positive first impression from the beginning?

There’s always so much to consider when you start a new business. We get it. Our track record for helping businesses get started with a great first impression has been a highly successful one. Would having your people fall in love with your new business be a good thing? If so, we’re open and just might be able to help you look amazing!.