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7 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use WordPress

Here at Smitten, we like to make things simple for you. One of the ways we do that is by building your website on WordPress. While it’s one of the world’s most widely used website platforms, because you are busy running your business and don’t have time to research all the various web development platforms, you may not realize the power that it offers.

Here are 7 reasons why you’ll be glad that we chose to build your small business website on WordPress.

1. It’s free a free content management system.

Free isn’t always good; in fact, we recommend that our small business clients not chose their designer by price. In this case, however, free is good. WordPress is an open-source platform that allows thousands of developers around the world to contribute freely–increasing its growth and functionality. This means it’s continually evolving into something better with every update!

You don’t have to spend big bucks to have a content management system behind your website. With WordPress, you get incredible functionality, without the big price tag of other systems.

2. It’s simple to post new content.

We believe that you, and all our clients, should have a website that is simple to use for small changes and for posting new content. WordPress offers great text editors that look and function similarly to Microsoft Office or Mac’s Pages software, which you’re likely quite familiar with. We also personally like to add in a little extra “magic” to your site that makes layout and editing even easier than the standard WordPress install offers.

With your content being simple to access for quick changes, as well as for adding new posts or pages, WordPress makes website management easier for you!

3. It’s popular.

Like freebies, being popular isn’t always a good thing either. However, again, WordPress is an exception to the rule. Because WordPress is so popular, if you need some inside maintenance or re-design done to your website, you won’t have to struggle to find a developer who can help you. From all-American high-end web design agencies, to low-cost developers in Timbuktu, you can find a plethora of people reasonably to highly experienced with the platform.

No more needing to find an nerdy and elusive programmer to fix your website!

4. It lets you schedule content posting.

It may sound a bit strange, but being able to pre-load and schedule when content (posts or pages) is made live on your site can be a real help to a busy business owner. It’s imperative to good online business to be regularly adding new content to your site. WordPress makes it simple by allowing you to load up a bunch of content in the back-end, and then drip-feed it to your website over time.

You can load up 20 short blog posts and then schedule them to be published on different days throughout the coming month. This gets you great karma with the search engines, and frees your busy schedule from having to remember to post numerous days in the month! Sweet, huh?!

5. It integrates your blog into your website.

One thing you don’t want is to have your website and then have a separate blog. As we said in #4, search engines like to see fresh content coming out on your site regularly. If your blog is completely separate, having a blog won’t really help you.

WordPress integrates the blog right into your website so that it’s all on the same domain. A small thing…but it pays big dividends!

6. It allows us to add plugins.

A plugin is basically a small software program that expands the functionality of your website. Want an interactive calendar on your website? We can add it via a plugin. Want to show popular posts on your sidebar or footer? A plugin can help us do that. Want to add in an e-commerce component to your site? A plugin is made for that too!

Plugins are sometimes free and sometimes not. But no matter, they are affordable and they can open up worlds of possibilities to make your website everything you wanted it to be, and more!

7. It allows for security from ugly dark hackers.

With additional plugins and some strategic footwork, your WordPress website can be backed up regularly and locked down pretty tight from hackers and malware. This should make you breathe a sigh of relief…because having your website hacked is no good.

And, with a regular backup plan in place, should all the else fail and your site disappear, it’s generally not a problem for us to get you back up and running using your backups.

So…that’s 7 out of probably 50+ reasons that we build your website on WordPress. It all comes down to making your business website easy to use, affordable to maintain, and poised for growth.

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Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson is a design strategist. Her unexpected 8-year background in internet marketing spills over into her design and strategy work giving her a unique, intuitive edge that her web design clients welcome.

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