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Spotlight Error. Why Tidal Isn’t Getting More Love

You’ve probably heard of Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify. Have you heard of the music streaming service Tidal?

Tidal is a music service that put the spotlight on themselves rather than on the customer. It was established to help make musicians more money by cutting out the middleman. There’s nothing wrong with that basic idea, but when you make that the focus of your messaging it creates a disconnect with the customer.

In a press conference leading up to the release of the service, Jay Z and 16 other well-known musicians stood shoulder to shoulder. Jay-Z talked about how water is free and that music is six dollars but nobody wants to pay for music. People felt like they were being guilt-tripped into paying for music. Not a good way to woo customers.

Unfortunately, Jay Z put the spotlight on him and the musicians. He didn’t explain the benefit that his service would offer the customer. The message the public heard was that Tidal existed to help musicians rather than to help customers win. This is likely why you’re not familiar with the company Tidal.

You’re in business to help your customers succeed. You’re there to help your customers win. If you do that you also benefit.

Maybe you remember when Apple launched the iPod. What was the slogan they used? A thousand songs in your pocket. They didn’t make a big deal about all the features or how cool Apple was. They talked about what it would mean to the customer.

Are the words on your website, brochures, ads and other marketing material focused on the customer? Or is it all about you?

As a business owner, we can be losing business when you fail to focus on the customer. Take some time today and double-check that you’re putting the spotlight on the customer.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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