One Simple Thing You Can Do to Get Your Website Project Done Faster

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Sometimes the most simple things are not easily obvious. One thing I’ve observed in my years of developing websites is that the more we have to touch a page to make layout changes, editing content, or changing out photos, the more time adds up in actually completing a website launch.

So, if you’re in a rush to get your website done, or you don’t want to pay for extra hours of work, one suggestion I make to my clients is to proofread your content before submitting it to Smitten for adding to your new web design. It doesn’t matter what your business type is, or whether you are located in Bend, Oregon or Timbuktu, Africa––the content editing takes loads of time once it is up on the website.

We build the websites to be easy to update, and they are. It just takes time to go through an entire website making tiny edits to content on every page. We have to pull the page up, open the editor, find the location of the content that needs edited, make the change, save the page, and then check the published side to ensure the change looks right.

So, next time you’re getting your website redesigned or changing out content on your website, proofread it before you hand it off to your web developer. Your project will be done faster. Guaranteed! 🙂

Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson

Kama Wilson is a designer and web design strategist. She's also the one that manages Smitten. Her biggest obsession isn't in the managing though. It's in crafting transformations that allow people to fall in love with her clients' businesses.

We help busy professionals stand out and be more attractive to their ideal clients.

Our unconventional approach requires less of your time than is typical of most branding and design projects. It’s said we have a rare gift for thoughtfully stepping into a client’s shoes and bringing out the best in them. Working with us leaves you free to do what you do best, while we make you shine.