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Lessons From The Duck Pond About Trust And Loyalty

Have you ever gone to a pond to feed the ducks? I remember going to the pond to feed the ducks as a child with my grandparents. It was fun to toss the food into the water and see them scurry over. Then another child would come with her parents. She would begin throwing food in the water and some of the ducks would scurry away to eat that food.

Do Your Clients Run Off?

I got to thinking about how this relates to business. A lot of clients are eager to leave at the first sign of another potential opportunity. There’s no loyalty. Maybe they leave because it’s more convenient. Maybe they go somewhere else because they think it’s a little better. Maybe they leave because it’s easier for them to get it somewhere else.

Whatever the reason like ducks many clients have no loyalty.

What would it be like to have loyal clients? Would it help your business thrive?

What does it take to create loyalty? Trust. What does it take to create trust?

Develop Trust. Develop Loyalty.

Trust comes from a sense of common values and beliefs. When you articulate what you believe then people who believe what you believe can connect with you and trust ensues. They feel like you understand them. They feel like they belong.

It’s like traveling in a foreign country. You’re surrounded by different sights, sounds, smells, and experiences. Then you hear a voice speaking your language. You sense an immediate bond because they’re one of your people. They’re part of your tribe. If you take the time to introduce yourself and begin talking you can feel the connection.

Developing a connection with your clients starts with sharing why you do what you do. In order for your business to thrive, you need to be surrounded by people who believe what you believe. In order for them to know what you believe you have to be able to clearly articulate what you believe. This allows the right clients to feel that they can trust you. When they trust you they are so much more likely to do business with you. Out of that trust can come loyalty.

Wrapping Up

Are you tired of having clients that are like ducks? Clients who are eager to run off if the opportunity looks just a little bit better elsewhere.

I believe you can, however, you need to be brave enough to put yourself out there. Because if your clients can’t connect with you they won’t be able to trust you and loyalty won’t ensue.

Is it time to tell people what you believe and why you do what you do so they will know that they have found a place where they belong?

Photo Credit: Will he stay or look for a better offer? Thanks, Ravi Singh.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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