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How To Stand Out By Going The Extra Mile!

In 1997 Dillanos Coffee Roasters was rather small and had a problem. UPS was on strike and one of their average-sized customers in Long Beach California needed their order. David Morris the founder of Dillanos decided to make a 2,320-mile round-trip drive from Washington State to deliver the coffee beans to Long Beach so his customer could keep serving coffee from his 4 locations. But not just one trip was required. It took two trips before the USP strike was resolved and shipping returned to normal.

Now that is going the extra mile. And going the extra mile is one sure way to stand out from the crowd. Why? Because so few people and companies do it. What can you do that would be going the extra mile for your clients?

In a crowded market space going the extra mile, doing a little extra, that thing that isn’t expected will help you stand out from the crowd. What could you do that others in your industry aren’t doing? What could you eliminate or add that would be extra special?

Considering that the beginning and end of a project are extra memorable moments for your clients, what can you do to go the extra mile then?

If you were a realtor you could leave a freshly baked loaf of bread and a $100 gift card to a great local restaurant. Our last realtor came out and helped us do some repainting after we moved in. Guess who we’ll call next time we need a realtor. She was awesome. Guess who we’d refer as well.

If you are a contractor, electrician, or plumber how could you finish a project in a memorable way? What about leaving some flowers behind? Maybe cleaning up really well and even a little extra like cleaning the windows. You could leave a card thanking them for the opportunity to serve them.

If you are in the medical field how about a quick call to follow up and wish them well?

The Four Seasons hotels are known for over the top service. As an example when visiting and you need directions they don’t just point you in the right direction they walk you there. They create an opportunity to help you feel like you matter because you do.

How can you go the extra mile so your clients feel like they matter? They do you know.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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