How Jimmy’s iced coffee stands out from the crowd

It was a blistering hot afternoon in Adelaide, Australia as Jim Cregan pulled into a petrol station. He was about to have his first encounter with an iced coffee. It blew him away. He guzzled them for the remainder of his vacation.

But when Jim got back home to the UK, he couldn’t find iced coffee anywhere.

Not being the kind of guy to settle, he talked his sister into helping him start an iced coffee company. It took a lot of research. It took a lot of trial and error. But together, they started Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.

Jim and his sister used a unique combination of package design, typography, and colors so that their product would stand out in the milk section of the local supermarket. They also included a unique tagline, “keep your chin up” to help people remember their iced coffee.

What does Jim do to help his company stand out? Besides the eye-catching design, he keeps his ingredients simple. British semi-skimmed milk, ethically sourced coffee and demerara sugar. They also add a few flavors like chocolate to create some variety. Dairy free and a fat-free are optional options. (Yes, I chose those words on purpose, lol.)

Here’s a little something extra in the Jim offers. It’s his RideClub. He invites customers to share pictures and stories of their rides (vehicles). When they join the club, they also get emails with discounts and invites to hang with him.

Even though you wouldn’t normally associate rides with coffee, Jim’s RideClub is a great way to help create customer engagement with the brand.

If you sell a product, do your packaging, typography and colors help you stand out from the competition?

Even if you sell a service, your marketing material and website use design elements like colors, typography, and photos. Do they help you stand out from the crowd?

Visit Jimmy’s iced coffee website today and see if it sparks any ideas for you. What else might you do to help your company stand out?


Photo credit: Believe it or not, this is Kama’s exceptional screenshot abilities on showcase here! lol.

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