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design services

// during this crisis

Pay what you can:

  • Premium Websites
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Strategy

Minimums apply. See what & why below.

zig where others zag

your opportunity to get ahead

Everyone else is panicking, hiding and buying nothing but toilet paper, but not you. Because you know that now, while everyone else is doing nothing, is the time for you to act.

It’s time to set yourself up for success. Invest in your business, revamp your style, and get some awesome ads out there so that when the world recovers, you’re ready for them. 

So here’s an opportunity, from one business to another.

Get a WEbsite you'll love

which is your perfect match?

Websites designed with love it guarantee


  • an easy-to-navigate continuous page site
A beautiful continuous page WordPress website. Often loved by small startups or solo businesses that want to make a striking first impression and be positioned for growth.
  • full price $5,900
  • minimum $1,584
CATALYST - Most-Popular website design package of HelloSmitten


  • 2-10 pages + blog
A luscious multi-page WordPress site most often loved by established small businesses that want to distinguish themselves from their competition so they can focus on growth.
  • full price $9,700
  • minimum $2,667
Prestig - The Most-Premium Web Design Package of HelloSmitten


  • custom-sized based on your needs
Thriving businesses love the sweetness of this prestigious multi-page WordPress website option. It gives lots of room for added integrations & functionality that allows them to take their flourishing business to even higher levels.
  • full price $14,000+
  • minimum $4,043

// graphic design

you'll look absolutely amazing

You want a logo and aren’t a fan of a lot of options?  Perfect!

Full Price $1,210 // Minimum Price $458
2 design options, 2 revisions

You’re ready for a logo, and you want options to pick from! This is the package you’ll wanna get.

Full Price $2,750 // Minimum Price $1,042
4 design options, 3 revisions

You want to make fantastic first impressions? Snazzy business cards can help you do that.

Full Price $550 // Minimum Price $208
1 design option, 2 revisions

Feeling bogged down with client’s questions that could really just be answered with a brochure? Let’s make one.

Full Price $1,320 // Minimum Price $500
1 design option, 2 revisions

There’s nothing quite like a good ole’ fasioned flyer to get the word out. We’ll help you do it in style.

Full Price $990 // Minimum Price $375
1 design option, 2 revisions

Looking for a beautiful full-page eyecatcher to put in a magazine or the local newspaper? We’ve got you covered.

Full Price $1,650 // Minimum Price $625
1 design option, 2 revisions

Looking for an eyecatching poster with custom graphics that aren’t found anywhere else in the world? Let’s do it!

Full Price $3,300 // Minimum Price $1,250
1 design option, 2 revisions

Looking for a short, slick, and classy PowerPoint presentation? We can help.

Full Price $880 // Minimum Price $333
1 design option, 2 revisions

Have a big presentation coming up that you could use a good-looking slideshow for? Look no further.

Full Price $1,760 // Minimum Price $667
1 design option, 2 revisions

Got a little somethin’ you’d like done like some website maintenance, copywriting, or a strategy session? Boom.

Full Price $110 // Minimum Price $54
Billed in 15-minute increments

Got somethin’ else in mind that you don’t see here–packaging design, maybe? A custom billboard ad or snowboard graphics? Feel free to get in touch and let’s chat about it.

See hourly rates above or ask for a custom quote

In Gary's Words...

“I could use an infinite number of glorious adjectives to describe Kama’s professionalism and talent, but to keep this concise, I will just use AWESOME. Attention to detail, second to none. Be it web design or project management, you know Kama is going to get it done on time and exceed all expectations. I have been in business for 31 years and never have I been as impressed by anyone as I am by Kama.”

Gary Musler | ceo

Big Mouth Marketing | Phoenix, AZ

Coronavirus Pay-What-You-Can Design Services

Answers for you

Absolutely! It means that after you’ve received your fantastic new design, you get to pay what you can. Whether that’s bare minimum, full price, a little extra, or anywhere in-between—it’s up to you!

We believe there’s good in the world. So we’re giving what we can and trusting you’ll give what you can. We don’t ask questions or pry into your financial status at all. It’s simply based on businesses being thoughtful with each other, helping each other out during this really tough time.

Why do we have a minimum? Find out in the “why is there a minimum price?” tab below.

Just about! We offer graphic design to nearly anyone wanting to make better impressions. Web design is a touch more tricky—we specialize in crafting websites for service-based businesses and choose not to work in e-commerce. So if you need a site telling the world what you’re all about, we’re your people! If you need an online store, we suggest you find a designer who loves building those.

And a little disclaimer: We don’t take on projects promoting alcohol/addictive substances or gambling, or which contain violent/sexual content, and we reserve the right to say no to any project for any reason.

To be honest, we don’t know. It is entirely based on the economy, the needs of our clients, and our own availability. So if our pay-what-you-can model for design services would be really helpful for your business during this crisis, we suggest jumping on the phone and booking your project with us sooner than later.

  • Peace knowing we’re passionate about making your business look sweetly exceptional!
  • The simplicity of our intuitive, down-to-earth way of doing things
  • The freedom that comes from hiring thoughtful experts so you can enjoy a stress-free experience
  • Pride in being having websites & graphics  entirely designed to showcase YOUR business’ best side

It’s super easy. The payment is in two parts—A small portion (half the minimum) paid up-front to secure the time you’re booking with us, and the final payment at the end of the project. The final payment is when you choose how much you can pay. We have options for you to pay by credit card, bank, or even a snail-mailed check, because options are nice.

That’s a fair question. We actually didn’t want minimums. We like to think the best and trust that our clients will choose to pay fair prices. However, we realized that if someone was to choose to take advantage of our offer and use up our time without paying for it, we wouldn’t be able to continue serving people like you with high quality work.

So, to make things thoughtful to everyone, we’ve calculated the most bare minimum we need monthly to survive—power and phone service so we can be on-call for you, hosting, insurance, file storage, and software to keep our client’s sites running, as well as a home, food, and oh, how could we forget the toilet paper?! lol.

We then used that baseline to establish absolute minimum pricing simply so we can (barely) stay open and continue to help other struggling businesses during this time.

Our clients are awesome! They highly value the work we create for them and pay as much as they can afford. Feel free to check out the full and minimum prices in the sections above.

By the way, what you pay doesn’t change how important you are to us. We’re all in this together.

No, and here’s why. Our pay-what-you-can minimum pricing is related specifically to meeting our most basic bills. That means that during this time, we have zero buffer. That means we don’t have extra to buy a Starbucks, let alone to allow us to spend our hours working on a project that we have to then turn around and issue a full refund for. So, because we want to provide food (and a house) for our kids, the guarantee doesn’t apply to anything less than full price.

Nope! All our work can be done remotely! And it works fantastic that way. Sweet, huh?!

Easy! Just give us a call (or shoot us an email or text). We’ll get acquainted and go from there!

sound good? let's connect

in a socially-distanced way….


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