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Blind Routine: Where Will It Lead?

Yesterday I observed and thought about the parents and kids that went through a routine. School started in my area and that simple fact triggered thousands of people to behave in a similar fashion.

What I wondered was how many of us wondered why? Is there a good reason why we all fall into this routine? What is it all for? What is school for?

Is school an easy system of childcare? Is it really about learning? If it was about learning what are kids learning? Is it what they need to be learning? Will they be prepared to be leaders and thinkers that can make the future better than today?

Alas, it feels more like a routine we have all just accepted because that is what we did and our parents did? What is the value of doing things when we may not even know why? Is it even beneficial? Maybe it is but maybe it’s not. How would we know unless we pause and ask questions?

As business owners how many of the activities you perform every day are simply routine habits? Do you really understand how they impact your business? Do they help take you where you want to go or are you just blindly doing them?

Maybe it’s time to pause for a bit and consider if there might be better ways to take your business where you want to go. Acting with informed intention is more likely to take you where you want to go.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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