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Are You On the Hamster Wheel of Success Like the Berenstain Bears’ Cubs?

I was reading to my daughter from the Berenstain Bears book, “Dollars and Sense”. The story was about Mama and Papa bear giving the Cubs an allowance which they would promptly spend immediately on candy, gum, little toys and such. This was concerning to Mama bear.

The Cubs would quickly eat the candy bars and get tired of the other things they bought. Then they would mope and groan because they didn’t have any money left for the rest of the week. “Mama,” said brother. “I don’t think this allowance idea is working out.” “I quite agree,” said Mama. “But what do you suggest?” “A bigger allowance!” Said the Cubs as one.”

How Do You Think About Success?

It seems to me that the cubs were on a treadmill or hamster wheel just going round and round getting their allowance spending it immediately and waiting all week for more allowance. It got me thinking about success. I believe too many of us think success is achieving some great thing. And while we may also have smaller success goals they’re not something we necessarily accomplish every day.

If we believe that success is tied to the achievement of a large goal how often will we feel successful? Might it be a bit like the Cubs waiting all week for their allowance? The success/allowance comes after a long wait. Then once you achieve it the reward is short-lived and you have to wait for the next success to feel successful. That seems a lot like living life on a hamster wheel always chasing something. What kind of life is that?

But what if you redefined the definition of success? What if you could enjoy success every day? What if you were able to define each day as a success? Might that transform your experience of life?

Wrap Up

The quality of life, to a large degree, is determined by how we relate to life. Our expectations and definitions of things like success can set us up for a fulfilling and joyful life or one that is hollow and dull. And each day sets the tone.

Why not redefine some of your expectations and definition of success?

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Photo Credit: Ah, should I get back on my hamster wheel? It makes me feel like I’m going somewhere. Thanks for the photo, Ricky Kharawala.

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

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