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3 Things I’ve Learned About Busyness

1 – Being busy doesn’t equal creating value. It’s easy to be busy. Maybe we stay busy to avoid the hard thing. Maybe we’re tired and can’t muster the energy to do more than look busy.

2 – It takes energy, focus, and priorities to create value. When we have a guiding priority we are able to prioritize everything around what is important to us. Sure we’ll all slide into being busy from time to time yet our priorities will allow us to catch ourselves and get back on track.

3 – Only we know when we are busy rather than industrious, sometimes others won’t be able to tell the difference but we can. We will create more satisfaction for ourselves by being industrious and creating value with our time and energy.




“Love of Bustle Is Not Industry” – Seneca

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Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson

I love helping business owners who are passionate about making a positive difference in their clients' lives. I'm a passionate learner and teacher. My purpose is to help people live a more fulfilled life. In my professional life, I love helping business owners get clear on their purpose and identity. Then I help them clearly communicate their story so they can attract their ideal clients. I do this because I believe that when you work with your ideal clients you'll live a more fulfilled life.

Successful people do what everyone else won't dare to do. Don't wish it were easier; make yourself better.