in full, friendly disclosure

Our (Un)Sales Philosophy

You might find that we’re quite possibly one of the most un-sales-like agencies you’ve ever encountered. It’s a personal thing with us. After experiencing a couple horror stories of feeling unethically pressured into sales transactions (and lied to, and other awful things), we’re pretty adamant that you should never have to experience what we did.

We believe you are intelligent and can see value in what we do. And only know if what we offer is what your business needs at this time. We don’t have to “sell” you on anything. Nor should we.

So, here’s how it works

We first do a get-acquainted call together to see if we mutually feel like we’re a great fit. (That’s the one you book here.) This is where we get personally acquainted with you and get an overview of the project that’s on your mind. This call generally takes anywhere between 20-45 minutes. (‘Cause some people are larger conversationalists than others.)

At the end of that call, you can let us know if you’d like to pursue working with Smitten further. And we’ll let you know the same about working with you. If all is good thus far, we’ll likely book another call together where we create a strategic plan for your project to make it the most aligned to your needs and getting a positive ROI. 

Generally, it’s in our second call that we’ll be able to recommend the Smitten package(s) that would best fit your needs. Then the ball is with you to get back with us, get your project scheduled, and make your first payment.

We don’t pester you. We don’t beg for a decision. The most we might do is send a quick email to make sure you are still interested in working with us. And if we don’t hear back, we might send a couple more, no pressure, “we’re eternally curious what you’re thinking” emails spaced out over a few days. That’s about the extent of it.


We only want to work with you if you’re the right fit–and most of our clients figure this out pretty quickly by reading our website and talking with us on the phone. We don’t have to convince you of anything. We don’t want to convince you of anything. We want you to chose to work with us purely because you really want to work with us. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And that’s probably what you want in your business too. You want your website to sell for you, so you can love working with your clients/patients/customers and no longer have to worry about trying to “sell”! That’s what Smitten is all about.

Feeling like we might possibly be the right fit for your web design project?

We totally get it. It can be so hard to make the call on a new website. It’s hard picking who to hire to give you the expertise you are looking for. If you’d like to chat about your situation and get acquainted, we’re totally here for you!