How Our "love it" Guarantee works

Simple, easy-to-understand, risk-free

straight from our "terms of service" contract

Our family is honored to offer you a risk-free, 367-day (from the date of signing this contract) 100% money back guarantee. Love the website we’ve designed and built for you or we’ll refund you 100%. Hassle-free and business-owner friendly. How it should be.

We invest large amounts of our personal time into personally designing & building your website–time which we can never get back. So we ask that you take that thoughtfully into consideration when requesting a refund.

There are a few exceptions, and although it is very unlikely you will want to make use of our guarantee policy, you should understand those rare conditions under which we can’t provide a full and/or partial refund:

  • All invoices paid by check and/or bank transfer are 100% refundable according to our terms above. (Most of our clients pay this way anyway.) 
  • However, if you choose to pay for your website via credit card, 3% of those credit card payments are non-refundable because our processing company won’t give that % back to us.
  • If your website is hosted outside of our hosting control, and we’re unable to pull it down when you request the refund, we may choose to not issue a refund.
  • If you have failed to communicate with us for more than 30 days during the design & development phase prior to the live launch of the website, any refunds will be at our discretion.
  • If the company for whom the design was performed should close, change its name, or undergo other alterations rendering a website or design ill fitting, we cannot issue a refund.
  • If you purchased a “Special Offer” that does not constitute one of our standard packages as advertised, this standard guarantee may not be included.
  • In all other cases, refunds are limited to the payment we received from you against the design & building of your website. 
  • We cannot issue refunds for hosting & care packages.

Should you receive a refund, you acknowledge that you will have no right (express or implied) to use any basic concept or other work product, content, or media, nor any ownership interest in or to the same. 

The Copyright remains with us and you are NOT allowed to use our designs or websites even as a design reference. Upon requesting a refund, your website will be pulled down and put into our storage archives. We will have the right to sell or use the designs shown to you as we may deem fit.

Total Commitment from our family to yours!

To be perfectly honest, giving a money-back guarantee like this takes guts. It’s scary to passionately pour out huge numbers of hours of our  time on your project knowing you could ask for a total refund.

But then, it also takes guts for you to hire a web designer! We hear untold horror stories of people who have been mistreated in our industry. And the only way we know to stop that is to give you our guarantee that it won’t happen here.

We believe you should hire us knowing that we have your back. We care. Our passion in making you look amazing online is beyond just what we say. It’s in everything we do–in every way we do it. And we want you to feel that.


an"I love it" from ken

“I researched online for a web page designer to upgrade existing business pages, and create an additional entirely new page.

Of course, everyone confidently advertises their skills and experience, but after speaking with Kama on the telephone I was more then comfortable that she would provide me what I wanted and was going to pay for.

My upgrade and new page turned out amazing and were exactly what I was looking for.

During the process she was accessible and immediately responsive to questions and changes I was requesting.

Even after my pages were finished and I had paid her, she continued to respond to me promptly and address questions and concerns I had.

I recommend her to anyone who needs an upgrade to modernize an older site, or creation of a new site altogether.”

Ken A. Kissir | attorney

attorney at law | gresham, OR