A fabulous first step

Do you feel like your business is drowning in a sea of sameness? Feel yourself wishing “if only I could stand out!”?

That’s how Whitney felt. She knew she was different, she knew she was unique, but online her business just seemed to fall flat and blend into a blur of local photographers. How could she get that distinctive edge she craved?

She turned to the internet for advice, and it wasn’t long before our phone was ringing. Whitney told us her story and asked for help—specifically, a fabulous new website that would allow her to stand out from the crowd. She had seen what we’ve done for others and knew that we offered exactly what she wanted.

Our chat left us with a good feel for her style and personality. She emailed us over her logo and color palette, and we were ready to get started!

One thing all the other sites in “the blur” had in common was plain straight lines. Everywhere. So we crafted Whitney’s site with a lot of stylish curves. They offer a friendly, fun vibe, plus they help her site really stand out from her competitors!

The final results? Confidence out the wazoo! Whitney is beyond thrilled with her new site; says it looks just like her, stands out from the crowd, and showcases her work in a way that makes her tremendously proud. And that confidence is one of the best things an entrepreneur can get!

What could standing out do for you?

Starting a new business? Need make a positive first impression from the beginning?

There’s always so much to consider when you start a new business. We get it. Our track record for helping businesses get started with a great first impression has been a highly successful one. Would having your people fall in love with your new business be a good thing? If so, we’re open and just might be able to help you look amazing!.