Unbelievable growth

Are you starting a new business and wondering if a website is the right step to take?

We get lots of calls from folks starting new businesses. Most of the time, we suggest to them that they wait on hiring for a website until their business is established. On occasion, however, a professional website is the right thing to do immediately. 

When Dr. Anderson called our web design agency, she was fully employed but considering opening her own clinic. She knew that a website would be crucial to the new business’s growth, but she didn’t have any idea about how much it cost, what the process would entail, etc.. And, she had apprehension about hiring a web designer because unfortunately, folks in our industry sometimes leave legacies of less-than-desirable experiences.

We discussed Dr. Anderson’s vision, what would set her apart in her new venture (why would someone choose to work with her over the established clinics in town), the place her website would take in her marketing, and the goals it needed to accomplish. We also got to know her personally so we could get a feel for how her brand could connect on a personable level with her ideal patients.

With our encouragement and that of others she consulted with, Dr. Anderson decided to take the plunge. We worked closely with her to craft her content so it would speak to her ideal patients. We sorted through hundreds of photos to select just the right ones. And then crafted a logo, website design, and flyers that communicate the uniqueness and fulfillment her new patients would experience working with her.

The results? She planned on working her new clinic part-time while holding her other doctoring job as her clinic clientele grew. Feedback on her website was fantastic. And the results of the site, her excellent personality and connection with her clients, and her unique approach have had her hustling like crazy. In just a month, she had to quit her job and in just a year from opening, she’s having to move to a larger facility to just keep up with the growth!

Starting a new business? Need to make a great first impression​ from the beginning?

There’s always so much to consider when you start a new business. We get it. Our track record for helping businesses get started with a great first impression has been a positive one. Would having your people fall in love with your new business be a good thing? If so, we’re open and just might be able to help you look amazing!.